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Solest ® 46 is designed for standard factory fill of air conditioning and industrial refrigeration equipment, as well as for OEM retrofitting operations. CPI’s laboratory studies and OEM compressor bench tests have afforded a pro duct specifically designed to meet key system needs. Solest® 46 isnot hazardous under 29 CFR 1910.1200. It Provides improved properties over conventional oils in all aspects, including viscosity index, flash and fire points, and pour point.

CPI has worked with OEMs to provide products to meet all he needs of the modern refrigeration system .  Throughthis effort, we’ ve been able to identify lubricants lubricants that meet a compressor’s specific requirements and needs.


TYPICAL PROPERTES*                                                                                          46

Viscosity @ 40°C, cSt , ASTM D445                                                                         49.5

Viscosity @ 100°C, cS                                                                                                    6.9

Viscosity @100°F,                                                                                                         257.8

Viscosity @ 210°F, SUS                                                                                                 49.4

Viscosity Index, ASTM D227                                                                                       93

Densit, lb/gal , 60°F , ASTM D4052                                                                          7.80

Pour Point °F(°C), ASTM D4052                                                                              -49(-45)

Flash Point, C.O.C., °F (°C),ASTM D92                                                                    455(235)

Fire Point, C.O.C., °F (°C),ASTM D92                                                                       500(260)

Specific Gravity, ASTM D4052                                                                                   0.937

Dielectric Strength, (kv) ASTM D-877                                                                      43.6

*These values are not intended for use in prepping specifications.

Typical Thermodynamic Properties

Vapor Pressure, mm Hg Abs

100°F                                                4X10-8

150°F                                                 3X10-7

200°F                                                 8X10-7

Density, g/ML

100°F                                                 0.920

150°F                                                 0.910

200°F                                                 0.890

Specific Heat, Btu/1b°F

100°F                                                   0.431

150°F                                                   0.448

200°F                                                   0.465

Thermal Conductivity, BTU/hr ft2(°F/ft)

100°F                                                   0.075

150°F                                                    0.075

200°F                                                   0.074

Surface Tension                  25.5(dyne*cm)

Refractive Index                 1.451(nD)

Dielectric Strength             43.6(kV)


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